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Our Teachers


Hu You You

Principal / Chinese Teacher

Ms. Hu is a committed, trained and certified MOE teacher with more than 15 years of teaching experience.


Through her journey, she achieved a 100% pass rate for all her P6 students in their PSLE, with some who initially failed their Chinese before they joined the Centre.


In 2016, her Secondary 4 students have all achieved an outstanding A result for their Chinese GCE O'Level Examination.


Her students always achieve outstanding results in their PSLE/GCE O'Levels and she has won many praises and commendations from parents every year.


Ms. Zhang Hai Yan

Chinese Teacher

Ms. Zhang Hai Yan is a skilled teacher who has over 13-years of teaching Chinese in Shanghai and Singapore. Students are always excited about her lesson as she is always passionate and cheerful. Under her responsible and skillful guidance, students have improved greatly in their Chinese language.

yuan xin photo

Ms. Hoo Yuan Xin

Chinese , Math and Science Teacher

Ms. Hoo Yuan Xin is a Polytechnic graduate who has been teaching since 2019 . She scored A1 for GCE’O Level’s Higher Chinese, Chinese, Science, and Math, and was also awarded top 1 performer in Higher Chinese language in secondary school for consecutive 2 years. She is dedicated to teach and inspire her students. Her bilingualism allows her to conduct efficient and engaging classes to help her students achieve outstanding results.


Ms. Qian Xin

Chinese Teacher

Ms. Qian is a certified MOE teacher that has more than 20 years of teaching experiences. With her experience, she can teach students accordingly depends on every student's different personality and study method. She is always kind and flexible in teaching, making her students willing to study Chinese.


Ms. Yang

Chinese Teacher

Ms. Yang is a graduate of one of China's most prominent universities, Fudan University, and has several years of experience teaching in large-scale Tuition Agencies in Singapore. Her broad experience allows her to effectively determine her student's learning needs and alter her teaching methods accrodingly, thus helping students better grasp the Chinese language and improve their results. 


Ms. Fu

Chinese Teacher

Ms Fu has been teaching in this industry for 24 years. Her teaching experience ranges from pre-school, to secondary school and junior college. She previously taught in an international school, where she was mainly in charge of planning ciriculum for students, as well as teaching.
Therefore, she possesses rich experience in teaching both local and international students.


Ms. Wang He

Chinese Teacher

Ms. Wang He is a University graduate with more than 10 years of teaching experience in Chinese Tuition in Singapore. She is favored by students and parents for her patience and benovolence, and students enjoy attending her lessons very much. Ms. Wang's aim is to influence each and every student to improve their Chinese through her teaching. 


Ms. Angel Tan

Chinese, English and Math Teacher

Ms. Angel Tan is a current Diploma student who has achieved A*Star for her PSLE and A1 for English, Chinese, and Math subjects. She has coached students from institutions such as ACS Independent and Methodist Girl’s School. She specializes in 1-to-1 tuition to create an immersive learning experience for her students.


Mr. Han WeiDa

Chinese Teacher

Mr. Han Wei Da is a current University student with more than 5-years of teaching
experience. He is well-received by local and international students (American, Korean, etc.) due to his proficiency in bilingualism (English & Chinese language). His engaging and unique method of coaching has allowed students sitting for HSK, PSLE, and GCE’O Levels to achieve their desired results.


Ms. Wang Yong Mei


Ms. Wang Yong Mei is in-charge of student's registration, fees, parent's feedback and other administrative matters.

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